The Washington Post is beefing up its TikTok team and plans to expand into new formats like live video

By CreatorStack ยท 2 months ago

The Washington Post is beefing up its investment in TikTok. The publisher is hiring a new video producer and community manager as it looks to expand into new formats like live video.

The 143-year-old newspaper was an early adopter of the app, posting its first video in May 2019. Peers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have avoided TikTok so far. But other news organizations like USA Today, Yahoo News, and NPR's "Planet Money" have amassed sizable TikTok audiences, and some publishers in verticals like sports and entertainment have grown quickly on the app. Barstool Sports' CEO Erika Nardini, for instance, told Insider that 45% of its new audience growth in 2020 came from TikTok.

With the addition of two new hires for its TikTok team, the company plans to test out formats like livestreaming and have more people on hand to engage with fans on the app. An exec from TikTok's music team told Insider in July that livestreams and engaging with user comments can help drive follower growth.