How companies can use NFTs for marketing and community building

By CreatorStack · 2 months ago

Businesses spent the last decade dialing in their online strategy—relying on digital ads, content creation, and influencers. But old models are facing increasing cost pressures and competition. Brands are struggling to own and retain their audiences. To be authentic.

Meanwhile, creators figured out how to turn audiences into communities, giving them space and *incentive* to interact: financial and social capital, education, and a place where they belong. Reddit communities are moving markets. Discord communities are creating their own.

Increasingly, these communities have discovered ways to decentralize and monetize through the technology offered by NFTs. The result is engagement unlike anything we’ve seen before. Unlocking this level of devotion is the envy of every brand.

Brands that aim to activate these networks into economies have two options: 1) partnering directly with the communities, or 2) creating their own. Both require leveraging NFT technology. Here’s how.