GIPHY Collaborates With (And Pays) Creators As Part Of Its New ‘Creators Club’

By CreatorStack · 2 months ago

Facebook-owned GIPHY has launched Creators Club, a collaborative program where it will work with creators to make original GIFs and short videos.

Each Creators Club member will work with a “dedicated team” at GIPHY’s Los Angeles creative studio that will provide them with guidance, professional opportunities, custom learning sessions with industry experts, and an undisclosed amount of funding “to help elevate Creators’ endeavors to the next level,” GIPHY says.

GIPHY says the goal of Creators Club is to “provide a launchpad for Creators to manifest entertaining and conversational content in new ways while also providing them with mentorship and hands on support from GIPHY Studios.”

Content creators produce through the club will be added to GIPHY’s enormous digital database, which is free for internet denizens to share across social media and the world wide web at large.

This is GIPHY’s first original program for creators. The platform launched in 2013 and was acquired by Facebook last year for a reported $400 million.