A Startup Building an App Store for Creators Hires Apple App Store Ex-Exec

By CreatorStack · 1 month ago

Koji, one of a group of fast-growing startups that offers landing pages that creators can connect to their social-media bios, is taking a cue from two very large companies—Apple and WeChat—by offering a web store of smaller, web-based apps created by outside developers. To further those aims, it has hired Annie Morita, a former Apple executive who ran the App Store in China, as its new chief operating officer. 

The San Diego-based startup offers what’s known as link-in-bio web pages, plus additional services creators can add to their landing page, such as a tip jar, quizzes and a Cameo competitor where fans can request personalized videos from social media personalities. Koji’s cut of the fan purchases varies, with creators keeping between 85% to 95% of most transactions. Koji develops some of the mini apps itself.