Challenges Creators face

By CreatorStack · 1 month ago

Being able to make money online is the driving force behind why most people become online creators.

Over the last few weeks, my team and I have heard from hundreds about this.

From those with 100's to millions of followers, here are a few of the challenges they face

  1. Believing too strongly in "passive income"
    Some creators give up too easily because they find themselves having to continue to make "too much" content to generate “passive income”. You cannot just stop making new content. You need to keep yourself relevant.

  2. Creating new revenue streams
    As creators, we all know we should be diversifying our revenue streams to prevent sudden shocks to our income. However, many creators lack a clear roadmap for how they should be doing this.

  3. Making existing streams reliable
    Creators may have many sponsors one month and almost none the next. So how do you keep sponsors coming back? Something that has worked for me is to design a pretty one-page report of analytics to make it easier for them to work with me.

  4. Negotiating with brands
    Some creators are anxious when it comes to negotiating rates with sponsors. I find it helpful to remember that they reached out to *you* and want to work with you. They won't vanish if you say something wrong or suggest too high a price.

  5. "Selling out" to non-aligned brands
    Many creators feel anxious after being contacted by companies to promote products that they have never personally used. It can help to better understand your audience and ask yourself, "will my audience find this valuable?