Web3 translates social capital ➡️ economic capital.

By CreatorStack · 29 days ago

Remix culture is synonymous with internet culture. Take TikTok: users assemble sounds, filters, and trends to make something new.

Eventually, these atomic units of culture will live on the blockchain and the people who create culture will be economically rewarded.

The "Disaster Girl" meme NFT sold for $500K. For 14 years, Zoe Roth generated massive cultural value but captured none economically. Now she's using the money to pay off her student loans. In the future, a meme creator will get paid every time someone remixes her meme.

Or think of viral sounds on TikTok. The creator of a sound might have millions of videos use her audio clip—she gets social capital, but doesn't make $$. That will change. Every time someone uses her sound, she will make $$.

Same goes for viral Stitches & Duets. The "What's a video that lives in your head rent-free?" girl would capture value from driving culture. She made just $700 from that video. How many dollars in engagement did she give TikTok? Why shouldn't she capture more for herself?

Sampling is key to music. Those blaring horns in Beyonce's "Crazy in Love"? Sample. The iconic strings in Britney's "Toxic"? Sample. Down the road, samples & interpolations in songs will automatically & instantaneously translate into $$ for the creator of that atomic unit.

Internet culture is about people building on each other's creations—assembling units of culture like Legos. The next step is for the people who drive culture to capture real dollars.