TikTok reached 1 billion monthly active users

By CreatorStack · 26 days ago

TikTok announced in a blog post today that 1 billion people use TikTok every month. That means that on this big rock in space that we call home, about one in seven-and-a-half people are regularly using TikTok

For context, Facebook said that in June it had 2.9 billion monthly active users, up 7% year over year. But TikTok’s growth is rapid — this new user data marks a 45% increase in monthly active users since July 2020, when it had 689 million users. Plus, this July, TikTok became the first non-Facebook app to reach 3 billion global downloads, per app analytics firm SensorTower.

TikTok said that its biggest markets are in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Southeast Asia, even though its parent company ByteDance is headquartered in China.