Koji Announces Application Layer For Web3 NFTs, and Crypto, including "Unlock With NFT" App, NFT Gallery, Generative Art And Other Web3 Developer Scaffolds

By CreatorStack ยท 24 days ago

Koji announced native support for Web3, as well as an initial batch of ready-to-use mini apps and developer scaffolds that unlock true consumer applications and utility for NFTs, Crypto, and Web3. These include an app that allows locked photos or videos to be securely unlocked only by owners of a specific NFT, a gallery app for publicly displaying NFT collections, a publicly-viewable message board app where posting is restricted to NFT owners, a general-purpose dApp scaffold for developers, a generative art scaffold, and a profile picture (PFP) generator scaffold.

As part of the launch of native Web3 support on Koji, the company is also releasing ten mini apps that use the technology. Some of these apps, like Unlock With NFT, NFT Secret Message, Web3 Message Wall, NFT-Gated Raffle, and NFT Gallery, are available today and ready for use by anyone looking to create utility around NFTs. Other apps released as part of the announcement are intended for developers to remix into new, consumer-ready applications.

The consumer-ready mini apps, including Unlock with NFT and NFT-Gated Raffle, are available today, for free, on the Koji App Store. The other developer scaffolds and apps are available in Koji's Developer Portal.