Former OnlyFans Employees Could Access Users’ and Models' Personal Information

By CreatorStack · 24 days ago

Some former OnlyFans support staff employees still had access to users' data—including sensitive financial and personal information—even after they stopped working for the company used by sex workers to sell nudes and porn videos.

According to a former OnlyFans employee who asked to remain anonymous because they feared retaliation, some ex-employees still had access to Zendesk, a popular customer service software used by many companies including OnlyFans, to track and respond to customer support tickets, long after leaving the company. OnlyFans uses Zendesk to respond to both users who post content and those who just pay to view that content. Motherboard was able to corroborate this with more than one former employee's access. 

According to the source and OnlyFans users who spoke to Motherboard, depending on what a user is seeking help with, support tickets may contain their credit card information, drivers' licenses, passports, full names, addresses, bank statements, how much they have earned on OnlyFans or spent, Know Your Customer (KYC) selfies where the creator holds up an ID next to their face for verification, and model release forms.    

This source showed Motherboard the access they still had, long after they stopped working for OnlyFans.