Scroll is shutting down in ‘approximately’ 30 days to become part of Twitter Blue

By CreatorStack · 18 days ago

Scroll’s ad-free subscription web service is shutting down as an independent entity in “approximately” 30 days, the company announced in an email to subscribers. The service — which was purchased by Twitter earlier this year — will instead be rolled into the burgeoning Twitter Blue premium subscription as “Ad-Free Articles.”

In its current form, Scroll is a $5-per-month service that offers ad-free browsing to hundreds of websites, including The Atlantic, BuzzFeed News, G/O Media, USA Today, and Vox Media — which, full disclosure, includes The Verge. It works by using a combination of third-party cookies and browser extensions to stop websites from showing ads to paid subscribers.

Scroll was bought by Twitter in May, at which point it stopped accepting new sign-ups while the company figured out its plans for the ad-free service; today’s announcement that Scroll’s service will be added to Twitter Blue seems to provide the answer.

Twitter Blue currently offers a variety of bonus features for the service, including an “undo send” feature for quickly retracting your tweets, a bookmarks folder for grouping and saving tweets, and a reader mode that converts long threads into a single, cohesive block of text. It also adds some cosmetic changes, including color themes and custom app icons. But the addition of Scroll’s ad-free service would mark one of the biggest features to come to Twitter Blue yet.