Spotify’s podcast creation tool Anchor gains access to the company’s larger audio ad network

By CreatorStack · 17 days ago

Earlier this year, Spotify introduced its new audio advertising marketplace, the Spotify Audience Network, which allows advertisers to reach audiences across Spotify’s ad-supported music and original and exclusive podcast programs, as well as third-party podcasts from Megaphone publishers, all in one place. Today, the company is launching access to the Spotify Audience Network to creators who use its Anchor podcast publishing tool in the U.S.

Support for Anchor had been previously announced when Spotify first unveiled its plans for the Spotify Audience Network back in February during its “Stream On” live event. The company described the new platform as a potential game changer for the world of podcast monetization, as it would give advertisers tools to reach the Spotify audience of hundreds of millions.

The Spotify Audience Network has already launched in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia, where it now powers advertising across Spotify’s shows and other third-party podcasts, like those from The Wall Street Journal and ViacomCBS. Though the company today declined to say how many total podcasts are participating in the marketplace, it said the total has risen by more than 50% since launch, and about 4x more advertisers are now running ads on the network. Many are first-time podcast advertisers, like Saks Fifth Avenue.

Meanwhile, when it added Megaphone inventory to the Spotify Audience Network, it increased advertiser reach by 30%. Megaphone publishers saw fill rates increase by over 10% in June and CPMs increase by over 40%, Spotify claims.