Here’s some things I’ve learned from running a Youtube Channel for 6 years

By CreatorStack · 2 months ago

I’ve built my own 6 figure /year YouTube channel and worked with multiple 7 & 8 figure channels. Here’s some things I’ve learned

  • Start with a business plan in mind. It’s a romantic idea that all channels should be started out of pure passion. Don’t rush things, but think ahead: How could this become my full time job in 3 years time?
  • Work out how many views per month you need to live on. Set the bare minimum amount of monthly views you need to live on. I did this and estimated I would just need 100k views a month to replace my 9-5 income through Adsense, brand deals and products.
  • Diversification is important, but be careful….Some people think about the previous questions and try every form of creator monetisation all at once. Big mistake.
  • Start with Adsense. YouTube ads on your videos are the most passive and easiest form of monetisation. Your first goal should be to hit the YouTube partner program. Monetising under 1,000 subs shouldn’t be as important as just getting videos out there.
  • Affiliate marketing is (still) underrated. After Adsense, look at AM. You don’t need a big audience to start with this, find products you use personally and see if they offer an affiliate program. It’s also passive & crucially you can control how and when you promote the links.
  • Consider the negative effect of selling. Getting sponsored for a 60 second ad read may seem easy, but consider the effect it may have on audience retention and even audience loyalty. There’s always trade offs.
  • Build long term relationships. This is so important for working with brands. Don’t see a brand deal as a once off cash grab, only work with companies you can see yourself growing with.
  • Merch can be saturated. You’d be amazed at how many 1m+ channels struggle to move merch. Unless you have huge audience loyalty & almost a cult like following, focus attention elsewhere.
  • Digital products are great, but….Some people seem in a rush to sell a course as soon as humanly possible. Being patient and building up real credibility will lead to much better sales in the long run. You could make 50k now, but perhaps you could make 500k in 3 years.
  • Think 5 & 10 years ahead. YouTube isn’t going anywhere. If you make good decisions with your content, you can build a career with real longevity. Cash grabs will end up costing you a lot more over the long term. (i.e don’t sell Sh*t products)
  • Use financial tools. Get investment (yes this is a thing now).